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Make Yourselves at Home

dog welcome home entranceTimes have certainly changed. Gone is the day when people were willing to buy just about anything you put out there. The more-you-have-better-you’ll-feel theory on shopping and just stuff in general has run its course and worn itself out. The pendulum swings the other way and the winds have shifted. As this storm dies down, it’s time to set another course in search of fair weather again.

So what’s the antidote for consumerism gone exponential and out of control? That’s easy, really. It’s experiences. It’s storytelling. It’s authenticity. It’s a culture that your customer can relate to and feel comfortable in.

7250600In a world that’s no longer about having stuff, but instead having stuff to talk about, your best bet is to make customers feel welcome and at home. That means making it feel personal, whether we’re talking about a store or an office. And even if there isn’t a physical location but a product or service, there are plenty of ways to give it authenticity because your customers feel like they belong to the club.

Your club might be exclusive champagne and caviar or it may be all gingham and warm apple pie. Either way, immerse them in your culture with as much attention to detail as you possibly can and you’ll have them telling your story in no time.


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