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Authenticity: Are You an Original?

There’s a quote I love, from one of the all-time great comedians, George Burns. It goes something like this: ‘Sincerity – If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.’ Reading that quote again got me thinking about the difference between companies that have an authentic charisma and those that try to fake it. Not like manyThe problem, of course, with trying to fake it is that the façade you try to keep up will always start showing cracks at some point. It simply takes way too much energy to continuously try to be someone or something you are not. Your customers will always see through the act eventually. And believe me, once they discover that you don’t deliver everything you promise, the backlash from their disappointment can be devastating!

Customers who feel like they have been tricked or cheated often have such a strong emotional reaction that the majority of them will immediately have the urge to get their revenge. The repercussions from that disappointment can be impossible to stop. In the best-case scenario, disappointed customers just don’t bother to come back again. In the worst case, they spread the word like wildfire and all of your customers eventually disappear.

The most authentic companies represent something, and they do that with a passion that is real!

On the positive flip-side of the authenticity question are those companies that have a strong following and loyal customers because they represent something, and they do that with a passion that is real. Every single aspect of their business, right down to the smallest detail, is geared toward delivering and sharing that passion with their customers. It becomes so much more than a conventional concept planned out by the marketing department. Their way of doing business goes far beyond any standard business ‘model’ to become more a way of life.

individualism iIt becomes a culture. And it comes from a need to share a passion with everyone around them. Even if the actual product or service they sell is not all that sexy or unique, they still seem to ooze a certain charisma from their very pores. And that culture becomes irresistibly attractive not only to their customers, but also to employees who want to be a part of making it happen. Want to be an original? Show us your passion! And immerse your customers in an authentic culture!


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