The best business results are customer-driven!


Riet Business Consulting helps organisations to discover untapped growth opportunities. Riet Business Consulting was founded by independent management consultant Darla van de Riet and specialises in improving business performance by implementing a customer-focused strategy. In essence: building a growing, healthy company by selling more, and more efficiently, to happy customers.

We examine the various aspects of your customers’ behaviour and then compare the – often unexpected – insights to the capabilities within the business. This comparison of customer motivation to company goals gives us a clear sense of where the focus needs to be in order to keep your customers coming back for more. By putting together all the pieces of this puzzle, we can develop a plan for how to make the best use of your people, assets, ideas and creativity.

The advantage for a company that grows under a customer-focused strategy is that this organic type of growth is often more profitable and easier to sustain. One of the major reasons for this is the fact that it’s easier to manage a company when there is a very clear and unified focus. The organisational culture that results from this strategy is one of superior attention to both the needs of the customers and the effectiveness of business processes and procedures. Everyone has a much clearer picture of what it is that attracts your customers to the organisation, and what is needed to be able to do the right things for the right customers.

Some examples of the services Riet Business Consulting Offers:

Treasure Map: segmentation analysis

Finding Innovation Inspiration: growth discovery sessions

Let Them Eat Cake: service strategy design

Authenticity Meter: brand consistency checkup

Find Your Authentic Self: core discovery sessions

Amazingly Addictive: customer experience design